Terms & Conditions


  1. The customer is responsible for all equipment hired, from the time of receipt until it has been returned and checked.  When breakages or losses occur, all losses will be charged at the rates printed on our replacement value list.  No substitute items can be accepted.  Goods will be checked on return to our premises unless otherwise requested.
  2. Orders should be checked on delivery as any damage or shortages must be advised on receipt of goods.
  3. All prices are quoted excluding VAT, and all orders are subject to VAT at the current rate.  
  4. For non account customers, all orders are accepted strictly on the basis that full payment must be received prior to delivery of the goods hired. In certain circumstances we will accept COD.
  5. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, bank payment, debit card, visa or mastercard. If paying by cheque sufficient time must be allowed for cheques to clear through the banking system prior to delivery.  
  6. At the time of booking, a deposit of 20% of the order value will be required, subject to a minimum of £50. This is initially a booking deposit but, on payment of the actual hire invoice, will become the breakage/loss deposit, which will be refunded after the equipment has been returned and checked. When paying by debit/credit card, the company reserves the right to charge any losses and breakages directly to the customers credit/debit card without further notification.
  7. A charge of 10% of the proposed invoice total will be incurred on cancellation of an order more than four weeks prior to an event. For cancellation of an order between four and two weeks of an event a charge of 50% of the proposed invoice total will be payable and for cancellation within two weeks of the event Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd reserves the right to charge up to 100% of the proposed invoice total, although the company will use its best endeavours to reduce this charge where at all possible. All cancellation charges are subject to a minimum charge of £50.
  8. An order has been deemed to be accepted by the company when an order confirmation has been processed and forwarded to the customer.
  9. If access is not possible to make a delivery or collect hired goods at an agreed time, then a charge will be incurred.
  10. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment is ready for collection and that all equipment is returned to our driver. If extra trips are required to collect missing items then a further charge will become payable.
  11. We reserve the right to charge interest at 7.5% above Royal Bank of Scotland plc base rate for any account remaining unpaid for more than 28 days.
  12. Delivery & collection will be charged at a maximum of £1 per mile.
  13. Whilst Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd maintains statutory insurance cover, it accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or breakage caused by any of its staff.  The liability of Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd for a failure to fulfil any contract shall be limited to a waiver of any charges due by the customer.  No responsibility can be accepted for injury caused by the use of equipment hired.
  14. The customer shall pay Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd the full cost of any loss, injury, damage or breakage attributable to the customer during the period in which Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd provides services to the customer.
  15. Unless stated, all equipment is hired for indoor use and storage only.  Damage through damp or wet will be charged.
  16. All catering equipment should be returned clean unless the washing up service has been booked.  The charge for washing up is 25% of the total order value.  If items are returned dirty without prearrangement, a 50% charge may be levied.
  17. All charges are for one day/weekend hire.  For hire periods of longer than one weekend, special rates may be negotiated.  Collection of the equipment may be made on the afternoon prior to use, and must be returned on the morning of the weekday following the day of use.  Goods not returned on the due date will be charged by way of demurrage at 1.5 times the daily rate for each day retained by the hirer.


CMA Hire is a trading name of Cambridge Catering Equipment Hire Ltd.

Company Number: 4119638

Registered Office:
Bramble Cottage
Middle Road
IP20 0AJ